Jul 28, 2014

Playground bag

I used a tote with purse organizer during our playground trips for years. After found a new confidence in sewing, I wanted a new tote that has it all.

Surfing Pinterest for weeks to find the perfect bag, I decided it has to be a messenger. Wanted to carry within my netbook, so final dimensions are 11 x 9.5 x 3 inches. Handle length is 42 inches.

The following tutorials were used:

Notes to further improvement:
  • I thought that upholstery fabric would be sturdy enough to skip batting. Seen the end result, I was obviously wrong. The shape of the bag is built with the proper interfacing, which is missing in this bag.
  • There is no pocket on the top flap. Could have been useful to add, but then again it would change the shape of it. So, this point is a big question mark.
  • As per Amber's tutorial, the handle is the same width as the bag depth. I changed the dimensions of her design so my handle got too wide, it is wrinkling all the time.
Unfortunatelly, this post turned into a negative tone, however I use and like this messenger very much. For the first bag fabrication it was not bad, and I will keep learning.
Enough negativity, I let the pictures talk.


I used some upholstery fabric as main fabric and some remnant jersey (the black polka dots) as accent inside. Lining was a grey jersey skirt of my mother and parts of an ikea duvet.

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